Sunday, 4 September 2011

WOW!! Another first for 2011

Another Big well done goes out to Rob Mears today (my usual photographer), this guy must have had the biggest case of fishy bad luck I’ve ever come across, I’ve put him in front of fish so many times but I’ve lost count of the blanks he’s had.
However, last night was the night he’ll never forget. My plan was to give the heavy bass gear to Rob and let him feel the advantages of a top end rod and 8 strand braid, so off he went with the Tenryu Red ultimate one, coupled with a okuma trio reel, loaded with 15LB power shot line. Lure of choice was the
IMA Sasuke 140 in rainbow pearl (debarbed).
Giving him the big boy gear was going to give me a chance to try out a new Major Craft Zaltz LRF rod I brought yesterday.. One problem in that plan, he never gave me a chance before he pulled this out… my jaw dropped knowing it’s the first fish this guy has ever caught.

This is what dreams and memories are made of. A stunning silver bar of 6.2lb.

From what I saw this fish was giving him the run around, the Tenryu was bent double when this fish took off, the sound of a tight 8 strand braid through the line guides sounds electric on a calm quiet night.

So after a whole lot of jumping around and hand shakes, we felt there was no need to carry on fishing. He was shaking and I was speechless there’s only one cure for that… and that’s a pint at the local pub. We must have told that story a hundred times before last orders.

Rob… I know your reading this… you still have to catch a double…Tehehe


  1. A great write up and an excellent way to break his duck!!

  2. Cheers Jay, was a cracking fish to start of his angling future. Ive been getting messages all day from him saying hes still over the moon..

  3. Top stuff Will and well done to Rob, that's a lovely fish!

  4. Well done Rob, I must go and take some of Will's kit for a test :)