Friday, 9 September 2011

Catch report HRF # 1

A day off work is never wasted when going fishing. With the winds settling down by mid morning and a gentle sea mist starting to clear, I made the choice to ignore plugging for bass and focus on the wrasse for a couple hours. I’ve been struggling to adjust to the techniques of HRF, but after my tuition in Jersey with Keith White, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together.
At first I was using a REINS 3inch rockvib shad Gold Legend coupled with a FOX size 1 offset hook and 3.5g cone head. I’ve used this combo for awhile now and only had a couple of hook ups, but a lot of short takes and bites. So I decided it was time for a change, with a moderate swell still forming after the earlier storms in the week I decided to use a heavier 8g cone weight the same Reins Rockvib lure. However, instead of using an offest hook I used a Kamasan size 2 Aberdeen hook effectively rigged weedless.

Second cast into a likely looking gully I had a massive take, but this fish got the better of me and smashed me up good and proper. On goes another lure… rigged the same but this time with a longer 3ft 20LB mono leader. Instead of casting up the gully I decided to drop the lure in half way and shake the rod tip, after about 5 seconds smash FISH ON!

For a wrasse of around 1.5LB the fight is fantastic on the 6.6 Okuma Octana 5g-15g.

Soon after this I had a text from a work colleague, saying I had a package in the post. Like a young kid, I cant wait till Monday to pick them up, so I made the mad dash to work to grab these packets of joy…

Until the next time.. have a good weekend everyone.

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