Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Quick update on the Beach Clean.

I’ve got to take my hat off to the half dozen families and a group of Cubs, that turned up at the Bowleaze Cove beach clean this Sunday. Even with the British weather throwing all she had at us, the beach clean continued and in my eyes it was a great success. My plan for the day was to take part at the Swanage Beach clean, but due to traffic I only just made the 12 o’clock start at Bowleaze cove. I’ve always been fond of this beach as its normally that little more quieter in the summer evenings than Weymouth bay, whether you bring a fishing rod or towel you can always get a little time out. Plus there is a reef just behind the third breaker that runs half the length of the bay. When the bass show this can be an excellent mark for poppers and surface lures, just keep walking till you find the fish.

To add to this blog post, I thought I would add a few pictures of what can be achieved in just two hours.
I’m not going to rant on about how much fishing line and tackle was found. But if all those hooks weren’t rusty.. I could of opened a tackle shop.

To top off a great afternoon I had to treat myself to some scampi and chips from the local café. Yummy!


  1. well played that man

  2. Hola Compañero,despues de un buen trabajo,el tuyo y el de esas familias,maravilloso gesto,tenias merecido ese suculento plato,buen provecho.
    Un Abrazo.

  3. Hi Will,

    nice job we have to make the exemple.

    I add your blog to my list, hope you dont mind ;)

    May the force be with you....r rod ;)