Monday, 29 August 2011

A Weekend Of Learning

Well my trip to Jersey was a real eye opener. Meeting up with Keith White at the condor port in St Helier, you can tell this guy is fishing mad yet professional from the off, talking everything wrasse, HRF and bass for a whole day with this guy is mind blowing. I went to Jersey knowing the fishing was tough, like the south coast the winds just don’t seem to let up. But after a coffee at the point of saint-Catherine and quick chat.. Keith put me in front of the fish. Soon as that lure hit the water the bites where there, but the fish just didn’t want to commit to the hook. All in all the whole day showed 10 fish between us, with Keith pulling in a stunning wrasse of around 3LB on the HPR 73. Seriously, watching this guy with this rod was like a watching a Samurai wielding a Katana, Perfectly steering the fish to the shore.

Check out Keith’s blog for an account of the days events;


I do apologise for the lack of photos on my behalf, but I didn’t have a lot of time due to the mass amount of tips, hints and techniques I was trying to learn. Planning a return journey early November to get among those wrasse yet again. Until then ill be practicing all the new techniques I’ve learnt, and hopefully be able to hook a few more fish.

To add to a great weekend of learning I took some time out with my brother and his family. We went down to Bowleaze cove in Weymouth for a bite to eat. And as usual I cant go anywhere without my fishing gear. It wasn’t long till my little nephew Eddy wanted to have ago at fishing, at only four years old hes already got the makings of a pro!! (This time last year a huge shoal of bass held up in the cove for 2 nights)

To finish this blog post off I got to see my first water spout at Portland bill, this spout was spinning for at least 5minutes before I remembered I had a camera on me. But I managed to get a photo of the last of the funnel in the sky. Click the photo to get a bigger view.

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