Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blame it on the weather man!

Guess what! Its still blowing and its blowing me up the walls!! Seriously this past week has been one of those weeks where I wake up, look outside and things appear perfect, only to finish work at four and the winds have turned and a hurricane rolls into town. Its mad. I’ve been avoiding the LRF for later in the year, but I am starting to get the urges to find a sheltered ledge or pier wall, get those light rods out and focus on the smaller species.

This past week, with the poor weather, I’ve taken time to research and find new products, plus I received a few packages to expand my ever growing collection. One package being from JacksLRF containing some outstanding LRF/HRF lures and weedless hooks. My first impressions are ‘Wow, why have I never came across these size hooks in this style before’. Size 2 and 4 are just what the doctor ordered for those shy biting wrasse. Next up where the equally good Yoshikawa 2 inch paddle tails in white, red and glow white, I cant wait to get these lures in the water.. These are some top quality lures, match these with a size 6 finesse jig head from AGM products and the mini species are going be all over them. Bring on those calm winter nights!

I also received my Reins RAZ Ajiringer-Z 7'6" 0.4-7g LRF rod back from Mrfish over in Jersey, after a small crack formed in the second section. I’m planning to couple the rod with a new Alcedo Pride MSP 3000f which I brought today from Chesil Bait ‘N’ Tackle, it wont be long and Ill have it spooled up with the Sunline 2LB small game Flurocarbon that they thought I should try. Cheers guys! With all the new soft lures I received this week and my desire to fish for the wrasse and bass, I only just resisted walking away yesterday without getting even more lures from their great selection..

Just a couple of pictures from last weekend after bumping into a few chaps from the Weymouth Bumble, which sadly I didn’t take part in. Great guys though and I hope they caught a few good fish.

I also wanted to share some happy memories from the summer that I found on my partners phone today. Not all to do with fishing, but I had some great times with my brother and his family and Id like to share them with you all.

Until the next time. I’m off to do a beach clean today, hopefully meet some like minded people and most likely get really wet with all the rain, who cares skins waterproof!


  1. Hola Harding,menudo arsenal has preparado,hay tienes para esperimentar un buen rato,espero ansioso los resultados que seguro que seran contundentes,yo nunca he probado ese tipo de pesca,me tendras que enseñar.
    Un Abrazo.

  2. Hola de nuevo juanrra, bueno saber de ti.
    No puedo bombo encima LRF más que yo. es una gran manera para los peces cuando las cosas se ponen difíciles para el bajo. No tenga miedo de ir con señuelos pequeños tampoco. Puedo usar señuelos tan pequeños como mi uña del dedo pequeño. Yo altamente recormend de comprobar estos tipos ...
    Si marca esta relación fuera y haga clic en el enlace LRF se encuentra por encima de la carga del tesoro de la información

    Will H