Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Great Dorset Beach Clean 2011

I cant urge people enough to go and spend sometime and get involved in a beach clean, not only is this a chance for some family fun but as anglers that enjoy the coast we have an obligation to do our part. We can all sit an moan about people leaving beer cans and used barbecues at our favourite fishing marks. But I expect those same beach using people moan about lines of mackerel feathers, 6ounce weights and tangled up pulley rigs littering our beaches.. We all lose a rig now and then plain and simple.. But for every rig you lose consider picking up some rubbish on the beach and putting it in a bin.
I can remember walking along Weymouth beach a while back and out of the corner of my eye I could see a long length of clear mono stretching out across the shingle, after a small tug and pull guess what.. 4 hooks and a 6 ounce weight. At first I thought WOW free tackle! But I don’t think the parents of a 4 year old kid would say that to the nurse in A&E. It didn’t take me two minutes to wrap the line up and put it in my pocket.

So don't miss the Autumn beach clean and monitoring on Sunday 18 September

Data collected on the day will be added to The Marine Conservation Society's National Survey on beach waste.

Chesil Beach Masonic car park (free parking permit available), 12 noon - 2pm
Ringstead Bottom car park at Ringstead, 12 noon - 2pm
Bowleaze Slipway, Bowleaze Cove, 12 noon - 2pm
Swanage, North Beach Seafront by Ocean Bay restaurant, 2pm - 4pm

All you need to do is join the beach master at the meeting point at the appointed time on the day and you will be given equipment for the monitoring and beach cleaning.

Monitoring can be done individually or in a team so if you can collect a group of people to help you, maybe from your business or a group of friends or family, please encourage them to come.

For further information, please contact:

Coastal Ranger (Purbeck)
Jenny Penney
Tel: 01305 228952

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  1. Muy Buena Iniciativa,la verdad es que la gente,bueno algunas personas son de lo mas desagradables posibles,tirando todo por todos los lados cajas de cebo,plasticos,latas bolsas,etc...
    Yo desde que empece a pescar he pensado que lo mas desagradable que hay es llegar a una zona de pesca,que este llena de basura,con lo facil que es recoger todo en una bolsa y tirarlo en su lugar.
    Un Abrazo.