Saturday, 10 September 2011

Quick catch report

Had a short 1 hour session on a local mark. By looking at last years catch reports I’ve started to find a correlation for when smaller and bigger bass will turn active. In this case, on this local mark, I made a prediction that the bass will turn on and then turn off within a one hour window, and that all the bass caught will be small (1-2LB). The only element that was not in play was the wind. Normally this mark fishes well with a SE wind and all we have had this summer is bloody SW. So on with a Duo Minnow SLD F in sand ell green. First cast and I felt a knock, second cast saw a positive bite, working the lure at a medium pace with a short pause every 5 seconds. In total 5 fish in 1 hour to about 2LB. Like clockwork the fish turned off as the 1 hour window came to a close... Just goes to show that keeping a record of catches and blanks will pay off big time and saves on parking fees.


  1. Hola Harding,yo tambien suelo pensar lo mismo que tu,curioso lo de las paradas,tengo que probarlo.
    Un Abrazo

  2. Hola juanrra, mal lo mejor de mí para traducir.

    utilizando los últimos años los informes de capturas y un solunarforecast, puedo predecir cuando los peces comienzan a alimentarse y dejar de alimentar agresiva, eso no quiere decir que hay arnt .. pero hará falta un esfuerzo mucho menos para coger ...

    Espero que esto ayude ...

  3. Good stuff Will - glad you found a few.

  4. There arent many big fish around weymouth/portland area at the mo. plenty of fish around 1.5LB mark. they seem to shoal up in a location for 45mins then move on, trying to chase them is the hard part.

  5. Hola Harding,gracias compañero,lo probare y ya te contare.Un Abrazo.