Monday, 9 January 2012

First Lure Caught Fish Of 2012

First up.. Happy new year everyone!!

I keep hearing a lot of people saying that 2012 is either going to be the end of the world or amazing things are going to happen, After many hours of pondering on this subject I have come to a conclusion.. If 2012 brings the end of the world then this has given me a good reason to fish more and harder then ever befor, which.. fingers crossed, could result in catching that amazing double figure bass that all us lure anglers dream of. As much as I have learnt that adapting science, water craft and technique will bring big results.. Sometimes luck has to be on our side. My toes are going to be crossed at the bottom of my waders!!

I do apologise for the huge lack of posts, the last few months have been so manic and full of ups and downs that fishing has taken a back seat while I get things up together, in that time though I have been doing a shed load of research on new methods and techniques and started to set myself new goals. One being to use soft plastics more for my Bass and Pollack fishing and two to chase pike and perch using HRF and LRF tactics.

Today was the first day off I have had in months so I have taken full advantage of getting out there and giving the rods a hammering. After a bacon sandwich I first hit the fleet to see if a school Bass might give its self up early in the year but my efforts proved fruitless, to be honest the tide wasn’t at the right state going on my past records, but at this time of year its anyone guess.

After gathering my thoughts I decided to take a trip to Portland Bill for a little HRF and to use my new sauce recipe that I made. I wont be keeping it a secret as there’s not a lot to it.. But for my first trial run I was impressed. Only a couple of small wrasse to show for my efforts all caught using black
2 1/2" Paddletails mounted on a size 4 weedless hook supplied by Jacks LRF. If I had stayed longer im sure I could have caught a few more fish as the bites started to come thick and fast with sundown but I only had enough change in the car for an hours parking.

Soon after getting home I had a call from a chap I know as Mr Fox, who wanted to check out a new mark that we have had our eye on for the last few years, from a distance you would think the walk would take a couple minutes to get to this mark. But I swear it must have been half hour before the first cast was made. When we got there both of us didn’t expect to find such deep water. On a spring tide I’d expect to see nearly 60 + feet of water.. Very different to what we are both used to fishing.. Plans are a foot on how to tackle this mark but many advice would be great. We used all sorts of lures that we had but the classical 1 ounce weight, four foot trace and red gill seemed to do the job and got down to depth. Both of us walked away after a few Pollack, biggest being 2 pound tops. Cant wait to hit this mark when the Bass are staring to bite again. I can see this mark throwing up some surprises.

Cracking way to open up a new mark with a double hook up!

Until the next time hope you enjoyed the read..


  1. Hola SMITH.
    lO PRIMERO fELIZ aÑO 2012.
    Espero que nos enseñes todas esas nuevas tecnicas que has estudiado,me has dejado a la espera.
    Un Fuerte Abrazo.

  2. hola Juanrra
    Es bueno saber de ti.

    Espero que 2012 trae a usted ya su familia mucha felicidad y buenos momentos.
    Yo principal objetivo para 2012 es el uso de señuelos de plástico suave para mi pesca de la lubina, que esta aprendiendo retreives diferentes y las tasas de caída ..
    No será largo ahora y el bajo estará de regreso en nuestras aguas ..

  3. Great post Will nice to be able to get out with a break in the weather tight lines for 2012