Wednesday, 17 August 2011

IMA Sasuke 105

With the local fishing being a little slow of late, I have taken the time to scale down and target whats in front of me, without falling into the realms of LRF. I have been looking for lures in the 110 - 75 scale, with a little more weight than usual, distance is a priority at the marks I plan to fish.

First up on the shopping list was the IMA sasuke 105 F. A shallow diving lure, with a tight rolling action and a dive depth of around 55cm on a medium pace retrieve. There are more colours being released from the IMA lure giant every month, but I choose the darker rainbow pearl colour for 2 reasons, 1. it looks like a pollock at night and 2. in the day the extra light makes this lure flash like a baby mullet or mackerel.

I purchased this lure from Chesil Bait 'n' Tackle, a fairly new tackle shop to Weymouth, but the amount of decent gear for the roving lure angler that these guys are supplying is outstanding.
From top names like IMA, SAKURA and MEGABASS.

First cast with the Sasuke Lure saw it fly out to the distance, the ball weight transfer system working the 13g lure perfectly, even in a slight cross wind (very impressed). The third cast saw the pollack switch on and start nailing the lure, (now im really impressed). In total I think I caught around six pollack before I was washed off the mark and had to return home.

Something I noticed this evening was all the pollock had hooked themselves on the first treble, which, when being retreived sits dead center of the lure. I prefer lures with only 2 or less treble hooks, they do less damage to the flanks of fish, can be removed easier, and get snagged less often. Perfect!

So with a few pollack on a brand new lure I can't complain. This lure has found a small place in the tackle bag and im looking forward to some better weather to present this lure to some bass.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Off out fishing now!!

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