Monday, 15 August 2011

Full Moon madness!

Ok there are no werewolves in Weymouth waters, tuna maybe but no werewolves. However. I made a prediction on last years catch records that id pull a good size bass on the full moon… bass fishing has been slow this year, with even the mackerel shoals on Chesil being thin and far between. I’ve had to work hard for every fish I’ve caught, even a Mackerel on a hard lure seems a welcome sight.

But tonight all seem to come together with this girl, and I gave her the biggest kiss before sending her back on her way to the deep blue.. mad maybe, blame it on the moon. I took a gamble and fished a mark that I’ve only caught one bass at… Bang fish on!

Lure of choice was the Megabass ZZonk 120 Gateride in Rainbow Pearl. (As always)

Size and weight of fish is unknown.. Who cares! All I care about is ive got a couple good photos and I know that fish is still swimming!


  1. Mate! Where was the text! Lovely!

  2. Well Mr Anonymous, Your either Mr Mears or Mr Fox. I caught this gal when you were all sleeping, so didnt want to wake you. If its Mr Fox than if you look carefully you can problery see you fishing 2 miles behind me!