Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rainbow Garfish

Well not a lot to report on except its my first Garfish on a hard lure. I’ve had a couple Garfish with LRF, normally using small 1inch grub tails in white and yellow colours, but seriously what was this fish thinking…

Lure of choice was the IMA Sasuke 140 in rainbow pearl, reason being I’ve got to break my addiction to using the MegaBass Zonk Gataride. Yes it’s an outstanding lure, but I’ve broken 3 bibs this season, 2 being hit on sub surface rocks and 1 being bent upwards during an epic bass fight a few nights back. I cant cry over it though as these lures have all caught me some outstanding fish.

So after the strange fight of the Garfish came this bass of around 1.5LB. I swear this fish nipped the last treble for around 20 feet before I gained a positive bite. I even stopped after a few knocks but it wasn’t till I sped up the retrieve that the fish took the plunge. Just for the record this wasn’t a successful night for me as I would class both these fish as foul hooked.. Luckily there wasn’t to much damage done and both fish swam away safe and well.

Thanks again. Early night tonight for me, as ive got to catch the condor at 5:00AM to Jersey for a lesson in HRF.

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