Friday, 27 January 2012

First Bass 2012 January 27th

Well after a long week at work I thought I’d get out, get some fresh air and stretch my legs, obviously not forgetting my fishing gear. Thought I’d check out a mark that’s a short drive from Weymouth, had some luck here last year on high waters but never had a chance to check it out over low water. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the ledges and gullies running out to sea. Apart from the dropping air temperature and low tide, conditions seemed rather good. I haven’t just walked over a slippery boulder field not to have a cast or two. After a few dozen casts working my way up the bay in which the wind was pushing into I had a huge thump and run. I wouldn’t say I’m religious but I was praying this fish doesn’t jump the hook like the fish I lost on Chesil last week, But after a few short runs this healthy bass of 3.3LB came ashore. that’s my first ever January bass!!

Lure of choice was the IMASasuke SF-95 in rainbow pearl, for such a small lure the distance this lure will cover using 8 strand braid is outstanding. Currently though im giving the Berkleys new Nanofill line a good thrashing, so far.. I am casting just as far as braid an I haven’t had one wind knot, this stuff is super super thin, offers smooth accurate casting and comes at a price cheaper than most braids. Bargain! more to follow..

Hope you enjoyed the read, fingers crossed for the rest of the weekend.

Tight lines

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