Sunday, 19 August 2012

Today is the day

It’s the big day at Chesil Bait and Tackle, if you’re a lure mad addict like myself, then get yourself down to;

77 Portland Road
Meet the Legends Jim and Danny from top water lures, grab a burger off the BBQ, have a cast in the casting pool with some of the top quality bass and wrasse lures. There will also be a raffle being held and some of the prizes are from the tackle giants DUO and Megabass!!!
Scott beauchamp with a stunning Sand Smelt

If you’re interested in a LRF taster session down the harbour then pop in an if I’m available I shall happily take you down and show you how to catch the mini species, like gobies an scorpion fish. Trust me its loads of fun.
Iain Turner with his first LRF Rock Goby
The Olympics are over, the sun is shining! The wind isn’t blowing! We have some brilliant tides falling on sunset tonight, an I can’t think of one place round Weymouth and Portland that wouldn’t be worth casting a lure out for a bass or over some rocks for the wrasse!

See you there....

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