Friday, 3 August 2012

Hot off the Press! HRF an BASS pros are coming to town, An the building Weymouth LRF scene.

First up is the great news that on the 19th of this month Chesil Bait n Tackle are holding an open day, an have managed to get the legends that are Danny Parkins an Jim O`Donnel to come along. This is an opportunity not to miss.

These guys know their fish an know their lures better than most in both sea an fresh water, an had countless articles in Sea Angler Magazine. the guys will be happy to answer any questions on rigging, techniques an tackle. There will be a casting pool out the back of the shop for demonstrations, the shop will be opening at 10:00am an closing at 3:00pm. So please take advantage whether you are a novice lure angler or an seasoned pro.. There will be something here for everyone.

For all of those that don’t know the area, parking can normally be found around the local roads around the shop an is never more than a short walk away, traffic around the area has been deafly quiet with the local Olympics scaring most of the holiday makers an locals out of town.

So bang the address into your TomTom an I shall see there!
Chesil Bait 'n' Tackle
77 Portland Road

So what have I been up to the past few weeks, incredibly busy with the amount of interest in LRF fishing in Weymouth, its incredible that once you show someone how easy an how fun this way of fishing is, you can see the smile get bigger an the LRF addiction takes hold, its when you see species after species come to the net, an the concept that anything can be caught on lure if you adapt your approach, we are only bound by the ropes of our imagination. Some species take time others become regulars that you would never have thought would take a lure.

Over the past month I have been working hard to meet as many people as I can even if its just for an hour to get them on the right track, showing them how to use an handle the LRF gear they have brought, or dropping one of my spare rods in their hands. So far each person I’ve met has walked away smiling having had a great time. Best bit about it for me is that I enjoy the company an get a kick out of watching others catch plenty of fish, its brilliant! So this blog post is going out to those who have made the last month as great as it has been for me, thank you.

I mentioned last time about a huge scorpion fish I caught, seriously I wish I had weighed that fish because it was monster, as much as these pictures do the fish some justice, but you had to be there to see it in the landing let! Here’s a few pictures courtesy of Robert J Mears photography.

It wasn’t long behind the scorpion fish when Rob Mears came up trumps with this stunning looking Tompot Blennie.

Here’s Shaun Carrington with one of his first gobies, soon as I met this guy down the harbour his enthusiasm was inspiring, talking to him last night he’s now looking to set up a LRF Weymouth FaceBook page. Brilliant! (sorry for the poor quality in the photo mate, my phone was playing up)

I had an amazing LRF session with Billy Short who runs the local Juniors angling club, now this guy knows his local waters better than anyone I’ve ever met in Weymouth. Mention his name an everyone knows this guy for his angling skills. A short walk round the harbour fishing a few corners an fish holding structures I soon realised we are like two neighbours of different generations talking the same talk, as much as he learnt the art of LRF I couldn’t get over how much I learnt about the harbour let alone talking other marks along the Dorset coast, thank you Bill! (note to self, next time I meet Bill, take note pad!)

I think the final species count was 9 in four hours, with nearly 40 fish between us, 3 species of Wrasse, Pollack, Mackerel, Pout, an 3 species of Gobies. We struggled like hell for that last species to make it 10 species but time ran out an we had to make a move.

Now its not very often you meet someone who you just click with, an from the off you know you can have a good laugh an good fish with, Mr Craig Allington picked up LRF in a matter of seconds an was smashing the fish out left right an centre, tuning into the split shot rig, tuning into the principles of structure holds fish, be it steps in the harbour wall, or an old pipe formation in the sea bed. I think we hit 6 species in matter of 45 minutes but the prize fish was his first lure caught flounder… I don’t think he realised at the time that in our local waters this species can be a tough one to find within a 25ft cast from shore. Big well done mate!

Just a reminder about the flounder, unless you are targeting the larger fish, keep lures small, the above picture just highlights the mouth size of these species.. Craig was using a size 18 hook an single AAA split shot to find these fish.

Keep it small, catch more fish.

I Made a trip to the Art Of Fishing yesterday as I had a day off work an fancied a jolly, I Have been searching for a new LRF rod for a while now, I am fully in love with my Major Craft Zalts but the need for a slightly heavier rod for searching out deeper waters that are out of the reach of the Zalts was becoming a must. Ben Field contacted me to let me know about the new range of Tict an Yamaga Blank rods that were coming close to what I was looking for. Now I’m not one for just reading reviews, or going on someone else’s word, so I jumped in the car an made the epic trip to Plymouth to check out these two rods, meeting Matt Newcombe I realised he knew exactly what I was looking fo,r an putting both rods in my hands I could tell strait away the Tict was a stunning well balanced rod but just a little over powered for what I was looking for, my heart was tearing me in two for these rods, an if I could have afforded both I would of walked away with both.. But the Yamaga blank had that little extra flex in the tip section that was the final decision making factor.. I shall tell more about the rod after I’ve caught a few more fish..

Here’s the christening fish from last night.. Hope you enjoyed the read an mass amount of photos..

If anyone wants me to meet them for a few hours to show them LRF, please look me up on FaceBook as Will Harding or email me at

Until the next time
Tight lines!


  1. Fantastic article Will. Extremely well done mate! Not just for the blog, but for helping to give something back to the sport by aiding those who are interested in it, but are unsure of where or how to go about starting.

    100% respect for your efforts matey!


  2. I feel it's whats been needed to happen Andy, we can all button bash the politics online but getting out on the water an havin a blast is what it's a about. There's plenty of fish an plenty of veriaty in waters, why not fish for them an have plenty of fun in the process.

    Ps. Get your ass down here for a fishing session!

  3. I love the blog and I love mini species hunting (due to a bad chest I can't cast my big rods) but I've always used bait and it seems a little unsporting using a little chunk of rag, I was wondering how you attach the lures using the size of hook I use on my pole rigs. Keep up the good work and tight lines.

  4. Love the blog mate, your passion for LRF is just so infectious. We need to talk about a few ideas on our next session Will. Thursday 9th looks good at the moment.