Sunday, 12 August 2012

T Minus 7 Days and Counting.

Just a Quick post, and reminder for the Open day At Chesil Bait an Tackle next weekend, I’ll try not to repeat everything I wrote in the last blog post, But its game on next Sunday! There’s going to be a lot going on at the shop,There is rumour of a raffle for everyone who comes to the shop,A few new Lures that will be hitting the shelves, Danny Parkins an Jim O`Donnel will be giving first hand demonstrations an advice using the casting pool, an dont forget the burgers on the barby!You will find everything here that is all things Lure fishing from major brands like Megabass, Major Craft, Seaspin, Sunline, IMA, Ecogear, Tackle House, Century, Raptor Lures, Shimano, Molix.. the list is endless! 

The shop will be opening up at 10:00AM an shutting things down at 3:00pm, So far the traffic around Weymouth has got a little bit busier, but the Olympics will be coming to an end this week an traffic is expected to die down a little, so please don’t be put off by the traffic, it isn’t half as bad as a normal summer without the Olympics.

You will be able to find the shop at 77 Portland road on the left as your heading to Portland, Parking can be found in an around the local roads within a short walking distance. If you fancy an hours trip down the harbour on the day to try out LRF I’ll be happy to drive anyone down an give them a short lesson, 100% guarantee we will catch a mini-beast, if not.. As Matt Hayes always says “I’ll eat my hat”

The last few weeks I’ve yet again been blown away, not just at the amount of interest in LRF fishing, but the fact that when you think you got your local waters figured out.. Someone comes along an throws a curve ball at you, just like this chap, Mr John Stainer.

Now, I used to do a little bait fishing both sea an fresh water, so talking rigs an bait isn’t hugely unfamiliar to me, I spent a good few years sat on the pebbles of the mighty Chesil beach hauling out the many Bream, Pout an Dog fish with the occasional bonus fish showing up like a trigger fish, but when a guy like John contacts you asking if you would like to fish, an he says he’s taking some left over peeler crab from the match the day before, I though what the hell.. Fishing is fishing an I’m guaranteed to learn something, that’s what fishing is all about right?

An ho.. How i did I learn my lesson!

John took me to a mark that I would normally walk on by, searching out deeper waters, searching out structure an weed beds the usual fish holding grounds that a lure fishermen might look for. But nope I got to this mark an realised I was completely under gunned with my plugging gear, John threaded the line up his rod, tied on his rig, baited up an pendulum cast his peeler out to sea. 30 Seconds! An I swear on all my rods, his bait was in the water 30 seconds on his first cast before it slammed over with this stunning looking Bass. Check out the shades of golden sands in this fish… pure predator perfection.

So leaving that session with my tail between my legs an a little red faced, Im not afraid to admit it, because it doesn’t happen very often, I decided on a quick LRF session with my old mate Rob. Within my first few casts with the Major Craft Zalts I had my line pulled sharply along the harbour wall, I didn’t know what I had caught till I went to handle the fish an got a sharp prick in the palm of my hand. I was amazed to see its my new PB smallest Bass, now most people wouldn’t get a kick out of that.. But I challenge anyone to go out an catch one smaller with rod an line!

As the night drew on, with plenty of small Gobies an Pollock along the harbour walls, I hear Rob shout my name out an say “will!, think I need a hand, I’ve got a little problem” . I walked over to see his brand new Major Craft Zalts bent double with his 2.5LB fluorocarbon flying off the spool. This couldn’t have been the worse place to catch a bonus fish either. This was a 16inch gap that runs along the jetty platform an harbour wall, an the fish had just ran out under his feet in to the harbour. After a good few minutes of constant clutch adjustments an being incredibly careful, this shiny bass of around 2LB came to the surface.

The Gap of DOOM!

I think both of us were shocked, but this was a gentle reminder that big fish take small lures, an with a little skill anything can be landed. This fish was caught on a size 18 hook an pink Power Isome weighted with a single AAA split shot, the fish took the hook as rob was lowering the lure down the harbour wall, while searching out the mini-beasts.

A few days later, me an my photographer mate Rob Mears went on a short LRF session to celebrate some recent news I had (more on that in the next post, fingers crossed). We decided to try the other side of the harbour to what we would normally, here the water is very shallow an has very little current, we were getting very mixed results from the start only finding the odd few gobies here an there, until rob pulls out the bonus fish of the night, his very first flounder an it was caught on lure as well.. Just check out his smile in this photo.. that’s the addiction of LRF taking hold right there.

Had a cracking few hours fishing with James Fulton Standley yesterday down the harbour, town was packed with holiday makers, but that’s the beauty of LRF, find a quiet corner an drop that lure in, 99% of the time it will result in a fish on the line. pretty sure he had a good time, an I think we are going to go out next week an nail him his first bass!!!

Hope you enjoyed the read everyone, im off now with rob to get a load of photos done of my Tenryu Injection that I got back form Richard at Dorset Fishing Rods today.. All im going to say is that it looks insane! Balances perfect for HRF an the build quality is second to none! Well happy. More to follow next time!
Tight lines.


  1. Thats is superb, certainly an eyeopener mate. This week for sure.

  2. Anytime you fancy a fish bill give me a call... Need to start hitting those bream you told me about. :-)