Saturday, 16 July 2011

First Blog Post! One Good Fish

Well, I thought I should start this blog off with a picture of my latest fish caught,.The evening I caught this girl was rather dull with only one Pollack of around pulling at my rod tip. Walking back from one of my favourite fishing marks I thought I’d stop for a few casts at a mark that I’ve only ever blanked at and also known of only one bass being caught, (handsome size bass at that though). The tide had dropped off and everything seemed quiet, with a few small Pollack breaching the surface. It pays to stop sometimes and watch for a few minutes. I always try to match my lure to the prey that Bass may be chasing.. size, colour and action. The lure I chose was a Megabass Zzonk Gateride 120 HT in rainbow pearl, I have a massive affection for this lure as its smashed so many fish that I've lost count. With the wind behind me I made a good cast to the distance, let the lure splash down and then wait 5 seconds to 10 seconds. This splash sound lets fish zone in before you start the return, 10 seconds in the freezing cold may seem a life time but its worth the wait.. 3 turns of the reel handle and smash, this fish shook hard and striped 15ft of line in its first run.
2 days before I lost a good fish to a hook straightening, could this be that same fish, who knows? After a good tug and pull session for around 5 minutes the fish came to the surface and weighed in at 4.5 lb, that’s my biggest this year and was a happy sight to finish the evening.
For the record… still waiting on that 10 lb silver bar but I came close last year with a 9.4 lb and 9.2. Fingers crossed for 2011.
Hope you enjoyed the reading

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