Monday, 10 June 2013

Gopro - Hidden Harbour Gems

Well first off I have a big announcement.. THE SUMMER HAS LANDED!  The winters grasp has let go, the waters are warming and the species are returning, I'm hearing lots of reports of plenty of fish being caught all along the south coast now both from boat and shore, I myself though have been struggling to find the time to fish in-between work and the million projects I have on the boil at the moment, the times I have though have been fantastic, I had a session on the stone pier with some good friends, Mr Paul Burridge, Richard Hudd and the gals, strait from the word go fish were being caught, plenty of Corkwings and a few small ballans kept us entertained.  

I caught a few small Corkwings on imitation worms but as soon as I switched over to ragworm the fishing heated up and it was nearly fish a cast, everyone caught something! 

Also while out on my travels I`ve been probing a few new marks along the coast and after being asked recently about Lyme Regis both me and Lolly Dots had to swing by and give it ago late one afternoon, as soon as our lines were in the water, we were getting fish after fish, strangely none of the mini species I was expecting but Pollock and Pout in good numbers, if your living local to Lyme Regis then grab yourself an LRF set up, the fishing is awesome off the piers!

Berkley sandworms doing the business as the night drew in... amazing how much tougher these lure/baits are compared to many rivals now on the market, think myself and Lolly only used one worm the whole night. 

As from the heading of this post you might be wondering what hidden gems the Gopro might have found, well so far things are being kept under wraps mainly because finding time to edit and shuffle clips is proving tough, but check this little dude out.. Fifteen Spined Stickleback! Not hugely rare in our waters, BUT with such a small mouth its not something that gets caught on rod and line very often... so next time you tie on a size 14 hook while on a species hunt.. remember that hook might just be massively to big to catch something like this.

Seriously cool fish!! some might might disagree but my love for finding obscure fish like this is growing daily, also I have to make a quick note here, if it wasn't for the WhatFishUK app I wouldn't have had a clue what this fish was, at first I thought it was a member of the pipe fish family until I read the descriptions on the app, the latest app update is awesome to, those guys seriously went to town and left no stone unturned when identifying each specie to the high degree that they have, there's a real life picture of each specie caught in the UK with detailed rigs and techniques for both shore, boat and kayak. if you haven't got it yet.. your missing out on an encyclopaedia of knowledge for both marine species and fishing! ho and even recipes if your a fishermen with time to cook your catch.

To round up this blog post I thought I would leave you with a few pictures I`ve taken locally around Dorset, nothing at all fishing related but very much to do with one of my little projects I`m currently working on.. check out this Iridium flare over Hardys Monument, if you know what this is then you will appreciate the planning involved in nailing this photo, plus flares like this are super cool to watch!

Me and Lolly having some fun with long exposure photography at a secret lake location, if you can recognise the bridge then you will know that this place is like heaven, another one of  Dorset's hidden gems.  

A few shots I took a few nights back of our Galaxy the Milky Way, when you take photos like this you soon realise just how small we are in the grand scene of things.

Hope you enjoyed the read guys, for anyone who might have noticed my departure from Facebook, don't take it personal, I  just have to much to do rather than stair at my phone screen, anyone that wishes to contact me can through Lolly or by emailing me at

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