Thursday, 1 November 2012

LRF Halloween Special.

Some thought we were joking when we mentioned fancy dress fishing, but living in the south here in Weymouth we are all a little mad, some people might be raising an eyebrow reading this, but sometimes it’s nice to break the same old routine and have a laugh, I take my angling a lot more serious than some but it was nice to let my hair down and just have a laugh, when we mentioned on FaceBook about a special Halloween LRF meet, both me and Lolly were taken back by the fact there were no negative comments.. So instead of a trip to the tackle shop I headed straight to the fancy dress shop!!
The evening started well for the first few of us fishing the last half hour of sunlight, Pollock a cast from under most of the jetties around the harbour walls, most of the fish were feeding high up in the water column and I found sizing down the split shot to encourage a slower sink rate caught me a few more fish OTD, this method also helped to avoid the gobies and other bottom dwelling species, which Billy Short and Lolly and Iain were having great fun with, was really good to see Lolly moving forward from the split shot rig and using jigheads.

The direction we were heading round the harbour meant that we were about to head past a well known local flounder spot, as soon as I got there I heard Billy spitting all sorts of muffled obscenities, and I knew straight away that he just dropped his first LRF flounder and lost himself a pack of Isome that I promised to the first member to catch a flounder on an LRF meet can have, when he said “I lost it at my feet” guess where I’m going to put my lure... soon enough my rod tip bent into a half decent weight and a flounder came to the surface, but as always due to rushing around I forgot my landing net, Bill kindly offered to climb a short ladder and try and grab the fish but after four or five failed attempts the fish spat the hook. LESSON LEARNED...!
Star of the show in my opinion was Mr Simon Harris the butcher with a stunning Dragonet, I still haven’t caught one this year and with a New LRF rod that I’ve brought I’m considering making it target number one before the years out.

Earlier in the week I managed a few sessions over the Local rock marks, and I have to they have been fishing incredibly well. One session saw me hit way over 30 fish in a few hours being mackerel, bass and Pollock all coming to the XL isome that will be hitting the UK shelves soon, seriously like the small, medium and large this stuff absolutely rocks! I’ve been using it in its standard length or cut in half on Carolina rigs, texas rigs and jig-heads and either method hit fish big time!
One of the all day sessions saw me and Richard being chased from mark to mark trying to out run big swell and heavy winds, but out of nowhere Rich pulls out a stunning bass on a white Xlayer mounted on a jig head, top stuff!

Hope you enjoyed the Random Halloween Blog post, I’m still testing, using and abusing the Sunline RockBite fluorocarbon, am I now becoming a fluorocarbon convert... time will tell.
Tight Lines!

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