Sunday, 9 September 2012

On Board with the Sunline Team, plus LRF an HRF action!

A few weeks back I mentioned I had some great news that was in the pipe lines, and I can now let the cat out of the bag and announce that I’m now part of the Promotion staff for Sunline. When I got the call I couldn’t have been happier with the offer, I’ve always been a big fan of the Sunline range especially for my LRF angling. The great thing about the call was the appreciation for honest anglers and that it has been noticed that everything I write about on the blog has a picture of the fish to back my words. I love fishing, photography and writing so seeing this blog grow over the last few years has been a passion of mine. To have have Sunline supporting my efforts is an honour.

Check out my Bio pager HERE.

You will endeavour to see some product reviews of the Sunline range from time to time, I’m currently using the Rock Bite Fluorocarbon for some LRF projects I’ve been testing, I shall write a full review on this mainline in the next few weeks... all I’m going to say about this project is that it involves LRF tactics and big boulders at night.

Now for a little humour.. When given the call from Sunline i was asked to go out and get decent photo for the Bio page for NiceFish! Easy I thought, go out, do what I do best and catch a few fish an take some photos.. Wrong! First problem was that the weather has been appalling and falling on poor tides, every time there was a perfect break in the weather I was either working or fishing one of the LRF meets in Weymouth. So I thought a night skirmish for bass might be the best idea, only one problem, I`m on my own and capturing a decent picture of a shining bass is near impossible. So here is one of my failed attempts. No smile and what i call a light bulb fish, when I got home I was gutted! The problem is I rush to get fish safely back in the water causing them as little harm as possible.
luckily when i caught my first bream on lure my mate Rob was on hand to take a few decent snaps for me.. which is the above photo used on the bio page. cheers buddy!
So where are we at with the Local LRF scene, still growing that’s for sure and there have been some stunning fish caught and a few random bonus species like Bill`s lad Sam here with the first cuttlefish that I’ve seen caught from Weymouth stone pier.
The cuttlefish nailed one of the many pout that we had been catching along the harbour wall, it always amazes me how when LRF fishing a bonus species comes along an makes your day, this cuttlefish certainly put a bend in Sam`s rod.

There has also been a lot of firsts for the LRF group, with a few species that I haven’t caught myself, like Dorset Fishing Rods Richard Cake`s Dragonet, I have been hunting for this species for over a year now, an he managed this on his first LRF session! He puts it down to his match fishing experience from the course fishing world, mate... when have you ever heard of whacky rigging in course fishing??

Mike from Chesil Bait n Tackle is now becoming a regular every Tuesday so I was well chuffed when his rod bent double as this scad, horse mackerel, AJI call it what you will started ripping line off his reel,  It’s really nice to see one of the tackle shops really embracing LRF and getting involved with the local scene, Chesil Bait n Tackle have really got there kit together with a great selection of top end LRF rods an lures.
Right then lads, the second LRF meet we all got our butts kicked by Lolly, if that was a competition she would have won by a mile, as we were all stood around talking lures and what looks best she was there none stop hammering the fish and finding out what catches best.. (Look out Plymouth! She’s our secret weapon)
Both me and Scott had a couple of nice Wrasse and Blennies on the LRF gear a few nights back, the colours in Scott’s Green wrasse were stunning.
With the past few weeks of half decent weather I thought it was time to chase down a few rock pigs, I have to admit it’s been harder than then earlier in the year but they are still there, I’ve been playing around with different Baits an presentations while using HRF tactics. Now I know there is this Line between Bait and Lure anglers but the results you will get if you can open up an cross those lines is incredible!
Pop a peeler crab on a Texas rigged EWG hook and 3.5g cone weight, wrap it up with bait elastic to form a slug with the hook point tucked in the bait making sure the rig is weedless. Cast out and slowly bop it back to your feet, I tried this and ended up having fish after fish on a night I heard others blanked both on lure and bait. There is no tail nipping from smaller fish, missed bites or tackle loss, when a wrasse or Pollock hits this set up its aggressive as hell. I tried this set up with other baits and had mixed results that I shall report on again soon, but if you’re a bait angler not convinced of HRF tactics please give this ago. I’m an ex bait angler now lure angler and this method opened my eyes further.
To finish off the blog here`s a couple of pictures of Rich from Dorset Fishing Rods, you can see the sort of terrain that we are having to cross to get to these marks, it’s not for the faint hearted! Sadly the fishing was poor over the last few days with only a handful of decent fish between us. That’s not including the 30 or more small fish that Rich had fun winkling out under his feet! Next time I shall take an LRF rod down for some serious fun.
Hope you enjoyed the read, loads of thanks goes out to Rob Mears for some of the brilliant photos, an again big thank you to the Sunline team.
 Tight lines!


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