Monday, 2 July 2012

Night Bass, an LRF rule the roost.

Well I have no idea where to begin this blog post, the past few weeks have been hectic with fish being caught everywhere on every method around Dorset, but of course for me its all lures lures lures, I’ve nailed some handsome bass by night when the weather allows you to SAFELY get out there an fish the rocks, plenty of mini species are coming to LRF now to the extent I’m struggling to keep a tab on all the species an locations, I managed to hook an lose my first flat fish yesterday.. Gutted! But like with all lessons learned it’s a confidents game, an now I have a huge ambition to chase down all fish that are flat an willing to hit my lure.

So first up I managed a quick evening session with Adrian Crawford who came down from London in search of a few fish, I managed to get the word to him about a local mark was about to come alive with a pushing east wind an new moon, apparently I was 24 hours out because he managed a record load of bass off the surface the night before I fished this mark. Typical hey? But pressing on I managed to nail this beauty right from a tight shallow corner. Yes its dark, yes its raining, yes I’m soaked through due to taking a slip an ending up on my back side in the drink. But catching a shining bass like this is always a good way to warm your spirit up. I think Adrian will be back for the full moon tonight, wish the weather was better for you this time mate.. But it isn’t looking like it.

I also had a chance to borrow one of Richards fine pieces of workmanships from Dorset Fishing Rods, OMG I didn’t want to hand this rod back to the guys at Chesil Bait n Tackle, where the rod now stands proudly on the top shelf, out of my short ass reach! Those pacific bay eyes are insane an should be bound to every lure rod out there.

The perfect length of 7ft 6inches is perfect for my casting style. If you have fished with me, you will know exactly what I mean. With a casting weight of 8-30g this rod would lend its self perfect for the crash diving wrasse, but when you start punching lures like the revered zonk or a Duo 125 SLD you start to feel the breeding in this rod, its fast its powerful an can cope with the dirtiest of weather conditions, the rod has a much stiffer mid section which helps to load an punch heavier lures under the wind while maintaining accuracy. At first when I got my hands on this rod I thought that its way to stiff for me, I’m not going to have much lure control an feel. But sure enough a few turns of the handle an the buzzing of the Zonk were there it wasn’t long an I was getting hit by Pollock left right an centre at range with a fast retrieve.

I wouldn’t have been happy to hand this rod back with out saying I had had a bass of over 2lb on it, yes we can chase our tails endlessly searching for BIG bass, but in this day an age a 2LB bass is the average size I would expect to catch on a short fishing session. So out I went for an evening crawl with my mate rob an girlfriend lauren, we started off at the bill in search of the wrasse, but my heart was set on a bass an it wasn’t long before we had all come to the conclusion to jump ship an head to one of our top marks when conditions are right, this mark can throw up some good size bass, an it wasn’t long till I heard the words FISH ON! Now rob doesn’t fish a great deal due to a busy life style like most, but his dedication to lure fishing is second to none, when I did the short hop an walk over to his mark I could see the smile on his face, this is his New PB easily hitting the 3LB mark. Well done budy!!

Just before I heard robs call I could see an hear a lot of splashing right behind me in amongst some weeds an rocks, I knew it was bass, but really that close? In that shallow water? I mean this must have been 8 inches deep. I tried everything from surface lures, slugos, xlayers, small paddle tails, hard minnows an flutter baits but not a sniff… it was only on the return journey to the car that I told the guys that there was a fish down there an low an behold as we showed up you could still hear this fish smashing fish on the surface, right I said I’m having that fish its been teasing me all night, I waited for a splash an cast my lure around 7ft behind it, waited an gently shook the rod tip, bare in mind I only had a floating Rainbow Pearl Gateride clipped up, so this lure was being used very differently to what I would normally. BANG! Fish on! This fish was only around 2.5LB but what ever the hell it had been eating it gave me a run that anglers dream of, the DFR rod handled the fight perfectly with a smooth crisp bend through the upper mid section, this rod wouldn’t feel out of place in the hands of someone who owns an 7.3 injection or the 7.6 HPR, but is perfect for someone looking for a rod in the similar class but with extra power an aggression.

Lure fishing at night only under head torch is something special that so many people just haven’t grasped yet, as Adrian said the week before.. There’s something primitive an strangely spiritual about it. Personally I couldn’t agree with him more.

To round up this blog post, I managed another mini species last night thanks to LRF, I’ve caught a Tompot Blenny years ago on bait but to catch one on lure just shows how LRF just keeps on giving. This fish came in amongst the best part of 20 gobys in a 2 hour session, so was a welcome sight to see. Also here’s a lovely picture of Jessy my work colleague having ago at LRF using burakuri methods.

PS, who ever these morons are fishing the fleet at the end of camp road from a boat, yes I saw you casting rods an so did a few others that weekend! next time I’m calling the harbour master, it says plain as day in a number of places that the Fleet can NOT be fished from any floating vessel.. We are lucky to have the bass fishing that we do around Dorset don’t go an ruin it for the next generation!



  1. Nice write up mate, was an awsome little sesh we had the other night! Hope to get out again soon. Plus i have now invested in a new water and windproof jacket to fish in, being as were having a typical british summer and all lol. Love the LRF pics, making me want to get on board soon!

  2. Mate, LRF is insane! The other night was a top session, you are the king of low water! Lol.

  3. Went to Portland this morning Will and two guys in a boat, with rods in plain view, motoring up the Fleet. Are there no wardens there/

  4. People do use the fleet to access marks along Chesil beach, if you saw them fishing in the fleet from the boat please contact the harbour master on

    01305 838 423