Monday, 4 June 2012

Wrasse Wrasse an more Wrasse, with a few bass for good measure.

The past month has been a belter, with some great weather to heat the fishing up an some cracking fish to keep the lines tight, personally I cant get enough of the wrasse fishing on soft plastics, but when the conditions come right you cant help hauling your rear end out of bed in pursuit of a few bass.

The more people I meet an talk to that think bass fishing is some crazy dark art of sea fishing blows me away, is it easy? Is it a game of luck? I would answer yes an no to both of those questions as I am no expert an wish I had more hours in the day to learn an fish for these fish. But If I was to give three bits of advice to anyone who wants to embark on to the bass fishing journey, it would be as simple as 1) stay confident an keep fishing that first bass or a new PB could be round the next corner. 2) 75% of my bass fishing is paper work, sounds strange but keeping records, reading books dating back to the 1950s an searching the most abused tool of the modern day the internet, you will learn so much so fast because its all out there for you to find, locations, weather, tides, tackle an methods the information is endless. 3) keep an open mind to all methods an make them work for you, trust your instincts, the more you fish the more you will be able to find bass an then hook those bass.

Each blog post I try to explain or show what I’ve learnt, an this past month its all been about structure, structure, structure.

I’ve lost count of the wrasse this past month an the main reason being I’ve stopped casting my lure to the horizon to no mans land an started targeting a known structure this could be a boulder field, single car size boulders, weed beds, ledges an drop offs, anything you know is there an is substantial structure in the water, that you can drift a lure under, along or over. To do this accurately an to haul a fish out of these holes casts of 30ft are perfectly adequate, an more often then not the biggest wrasse you find will be right under your nose an will hit your lure as your thinking about your next cast.

My plan of action for the next month is to do more an more LRF an start enjoying the usual summer suspect species, mackerel, garfish an fingers crossed for a few bream. Seeing your clutch spin an 3lb mainline strip off the spool with a mackerel on the end of your line isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.. But the amount of people I see put their broom sticks down an approach me asking all sorts of questions about the LRF gear I’m using is astonishing. Yes it catches A LOT of fish, an yes it’s a hell of a lot MORE FUN then using a beach caster on a pier.

Until the next time, I have to put a few orders in for 1.25inch lures an under.
Over an out!


  1. Excellent post Will, good to see a little thought and reflection in a blog post rather than the usual repetitive catch reports that litter so many fishing blogs currently. Keep it up bud

  2. Cheers Simon, I fish most days of the weeks after work, an could put a catch report up every day, saying I caught this I caught that.. Blank, boring. For me the reward in fishing is the amount you can learn an the good times that come with it.

  3. Ditto to Simon's comments there Will. Well done indeed mate!
    Hopefully, the LRF will be every bit as much fun for you as the HRF has been this last month and maybe even throw in the odd surprise fish for you too.

  4. Cheers Andy, I still have a lot to learn in HRF an LRF, fishing for pollock, mackerel an garfish is easy compaird to finding the scorpion fish an other bottom dwelling mini beasts. But like I said in the blog post, fishing is all about learning an enjoyment.. An I get a hell of a lot out of both from LRF an HRF.