Wednesday, 15 February 2012

LUREFAIR 2012 Saturday 28th April 2012

Just thought I’d put a link up for THE LUREFAIR 2012 at Derby University on the 28th of April.
Britain really needs more shows like this especially in the South West. If you have the day off and are local then please come along and support the lure angling communities, all the information can be found on the home page (click here). Hope to see some of you guys there..

I went to the County Game show at Shepton Mallet last year and had a blast walking round the fly fishing stands, but I was frankly disappointed at the amount of stands representing the lure fishing market. You only need to scan the forums and online shops to see how bass fishing, HRF and LRF are taking off in the uk and abroad.

When I’m out on my travels along the coast, I keep coming across more and more anglers switching over from the mainstream Course fishing, Sea Bait fishing an Fly fishing and enduring the harsh terrain and challenges of Bass Fishing. Its these anglers I take my hat off to, to take a step out of the norm and setting them selves new challenges is inspiring in its self. When I first moved to Weymouth the ocean was like the ultimate challenge for me, I spent days sat behind rod rests chasing carp or watching a float on the harbour, but put a lure rod in my hands and let me walk miles of coast line and I am never more happier..

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